Headlines 2/12/20

Theological Subversives On Verge Of Seizing Control Of Southern Baptist Convention

Trump Regime Bent On Smearing Bolton

Warren Advocates Militarizing Thought Police

Conservatism and Foreign Policy

Southern Baptist Propagandist Calls  For The Suppression Of Critical Fundamentalists

The World According To John Bolton

Philosopher Punished For Warning Of The Demise Of France

Just The Gospel Conference Looks To Be Everything But 

Conference Insinuates  Whites Opposed To Reparations Likely Bound For Hell

Has Chinese Plague Now Gone International?

Discernment Ministry Equates Singles With Sodomites and Whoremongers

Islamist Front Group Conspires To Undermine Priest’s Freedom Of Conscience

The Southern Baptist Convention’s Diversity Initiative 

Diversity Fanatics Insist Color Over Character in Terms Of Legalized Dope Peddling

Pastor Insinuates Anxiety The Fault Of Free Market Capitalism

Trump Caught Goofing Off During National Anthem

Woke Baptist Insists Hispanic Women Incapable Of Behaving Morally

Gospel Coalition Propagandist Demands Whites Repent Of Forefather’s Sins

Are UFO’s Actually Terrestrial Chronoauts?

Will Cruise Ship Become Floating Morgue?

UFO Study From A Christian Perspective

Deadbeats Vandalize War Memorial

The History Of The Distinction Between Science Fiction and Fantasy

Jewish Supremacist Front Group Condemns Patriotism As Racist

Southern Baptist Hierarch Appoints Theological Deviant To Drag Convention Deeper Into Apostasy

5G and Artificial Intelligence Everywhere: The World Of 2030

Is Speaking To Opposite Sex Gateway To Adultery?

Dorm Room Sex Cult Exposed

The Historical Theology Of Controversy

Critical Race Theory and The Southern Baptist Convention

White Guilt Solemnized As Liturgical Sacrament

The Interdimensional Hypothesis